5 hacks to remove Stretch marks?


Pregnancy weight gain or even just a growth spurt all of these can cause unsightly stretch marks to appear on the skin. According to the researchers at the Mayo Clinic, the only sure fire way to remove stretch marks a skin resurfacing and even that does not have a one hundred percent success rate.
Especially if the stretch marks are already old.Unfortunately.
While stretch marks pretty much stay put once they are there. There are always ways to minimize their appearance, here are five hacks to remove stretch marks.
Number 1. Retinol cream.

If you catch stretch marks early enough. It’s entirely possible to diminish them significantly.
Using prescription strength retinol cream.
Researchers at the American Academy of Dermatology.
Found that early stage stretch marks showed marked improvement.
After six months. Of topical treatment with a retinol cream.
Number 2. vitamin C

Vitamin C. serums applied to stretch marks twice a day, can help fade stretch marks by boosting the skins ability to produce collagen, encouraging the skin to grow new where and healthy your skin cells over the damaged area.
Number 3. Vitamin E.

It’s no secret that vitamin E. can help the skin appear more radiant.
By pumping it up and nourishing it from within.
Vitamin E, when applied directly to the skin can also help with stretch marks.
By helping it retain moisture and improving, elasticity.
This tactic is also inexpensive.
Just pop open one of those generic brand vitamin E. capsules.
And slather away.
4. Sugar Scrub.

If you’re looking for natural methods to lighten stretch marks, then a sugar scrub is right up your alley this D. I. Y works on removing stretch marks by inducing microdermabrasion coconut oil.
Has also been recognized by the national institutes of health.For its skin healing properties.
To do a sugar scrub.
Simply mix together one Cup of brown sugar and one-fourth Cup of coconut oil and a squeeze of lemon juice you should have a mixture that’s vaguely the consistency of wet beach Sand add more sugar if needed.
Scrub gently on the areas of your body that are covered with stretch marks this hack is best done several times a week right before you shower. You’ll love how soft and smooth your skin will feel right after.
5.Laser treatments

The gold standard for stretch mark removal is laser therapy.
Clinical studies have repeatedly shown that laser therapy. Such as pull style lasers or short post-CO two.
Can dramatically minimize the appearance of new or stretch marks in just one session.
While older stretch marks may need two or three sessions to attain similar results.
Well, the cost is one downside to laser therapy.
One huge advantage is that there is no downtime required.
If your stretch marks are seriously bothering you. This might be a worthy investment on your part.
Aside from these tips.
It’s also a good idea to protect further damage to the skin.
By applying sunscreen daily or wearing UV protective clothing.
Exposure to the sun can further weaken the skin’s structure making it that much harder for your skin to recover and regenerate.
Of course.
While these five packs to remove stretch marks can help improve the appearance of your stretch marks nothing beats prevention of course.
Stretch marks happened when skin gets stretched too quickly.
So anything that you can do to improve the elasticity of your skin will go a long way toward stopping these nasty ridges from occurring in the first place.
Drinking lots of water moisturizing the skin daily and eating foods that are rich in collagen vitamin C. and vitamin D, are good ways to start.


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