5 Home Remedies for kids with cough

Your little ones consisted coughing is keeping him and the whole family up at night and his throat chest and stomach are sore from all the exertion unless you were told otherwise by a medical professional heading to the pharmacy for an over the counter medicated cough bottle is not the safest for small children here are five remedies to help get rid of your child’s cost and to ensure that he or she gets a good night’s rest.
1.Steam things up

According to William Sears pediatrician and author of the baby book steaming things up is a very natural way of getting rid of a child’s cough. Start a hot shower close the door and sit inside for twenty minutes in the morning and twenty minutes in the evening. The steam helps loosen chest and nasal congestion, making it easier for kids to cough or blow it out.
When the environmental conditions are dry it can leave mucus in the throat which results in irritation and dry cough. Using a humidifier will help what the cost and expel. It ensures that you let the humidity out of your window in the morning to prevent the formation of mold.
3. Elevation
Moving your child’s head into an upright position will help with their breathing which can be difficult when the nostrils are blocked with mucus. This is most appropriate for children over the age of one. Place a large pillow under the head so that it is higher than the rest of the body. This will help reduce the build-up of mucus in the throat and prevent a cough, this, in turn, helps fight coughing fits particularly during the night.
4. Honey

Honey contains antimicrobial agents which assist the body in fighting colds. The sweet taste of honey allows for extra saliva production which in turn assist impending mucus. The best way to get honey to a child is to mix it with a tablespoon of water.
5. Saline drops

Saline water drops are one of the oldest tried and tested home remedies for easing out of a dry cough in children. Salt water is known to relax a sore throat and help reduce nasal congestion. Put half a teaspoon of salt to warm water and add two drops of the solution in the nostrils of the child. Ask your child to blow out immediately to remove you can.
There you have it tried and tested home remedies for children that you can easily provide the home to ease your child’s cough as quickly as possible. Best advice is always to take your child to a doctor but if you can’t get to the doctor soon enough these five home remedies are some of your available options.

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