Foods That Are Save To Eat Even at Night


So. who doesn’t like to eat? it’s usually a highly enjoyable process right, but is it just me or does food taste even better at night.
I see a lot of hands raised out there, unfortunately, most of us have been repeatedly told that having snacks at midnight is a terrible thing to do. Whatever you eat late at night goes straight to your hips and waistline end quote.
The first thing is that very few people know about a study that was published in twenty fifteen. It discovered some new perspectives on night time eating. According to the research, there are some very tasty products that you can eat at night without gaining weight.
All right here is the list of foods that are high in protein, low in sugar, and have a low G. I. N. G. L. The two abbreviations stand for glycemic index and glycemic load, the glycemic index shows how quickly a product breaks down into sugar in your blood, the glycemic load specifies how many carbohydrates there are in each serving of food. The lower these two indicators are the healthier a product is, in addition, you should keep in mind that the key to healthy midnight eating in moderation, so don’t forget about that.
Let’s count it down.
Number. 9 Cheese

The cheese is a high protein food so if you find yourself starving at night, a piece of cheese will help keep you full until the next day.
Yes, you can have a low-fat cheese for some late night snacking keep your weight under control on top of that cheese is a cool source of tryptophan. This is an amino acid that your body uses not only for development and growth but also for the production of serotonin, as a result, you’ll be in a good mood and get a great night’s rest. Again moderation, moderation, moderation, what I just said yeah moderation when you decide to have cheese as a late night snack it means you can have a slice of cheese not a huge chunk of it.
Number. 8 Cottage Cheese

This is the kind you eat in a very small house at the lay.
You know cottage? never mind cottage cheese contains a protein called casein, which has a very slow digestion rate, this is why is the best sort of protein for late night snacking. It staves off hunger and increases the feeling of fullness another amazing benefit that comes from choosing cottage cheese as a midnight snack. Is it a super rich vitamin and micronutrient contact when you eat this product do you support the health of your muscles enhance your immune system improve your blood quality and make your bones strong, wow all that mean you thought you were just getting a snack.
Number. 7 Hummus

This is one of my favorites hummus is a great source of protein even if it’s homemade if you hear your stomach growl carrots or celery sticks dipped in homicides are an excellent option the chickpeas and hummus are well known for their satiated qualities and they curb hunger quickly and effectively and while some people believe that hummus to Fannie and high in calories just watch your portions and you’ll be fine.
Number.6 Yogurt.

Scientists have proved that Greek yogurt is a perfectly nice snack. It’s high in protein, low in fat and very low in sugar. This makes it a perfect low-calorie snack that can satisfy even the most severe late night cravings. What’s more yogurt-like cheese also contains Tryptophan. This contributes to the production of serotonin and melatonin, which have a relaxing calming and sleep-inducing fax, in addition, yogurt ager digestion, and helps to build muscle cancer fruits or berries to your ball or eat yogurt with the whole wheat toast to make your snack even more delicious.
Number. 5 Crackers

Now when I say crackers, I mean whole grain crackers with complex carbs that are low in calories. when you buy this product make sure its ingredients list mentions, that there were one hundred percent whole grain if you see something along the lines of made with whole grain put the package back on the shelf. This most likely means that the crackers are made from white flour with the addition of some whole grain ingredients. Now if you put some homeless a slice of cheese or some cottage cheese on your crackers you’ll have a delicious whole grain snack.
Number 4. Popcorn

Now it may seem surprising but popcorn is a perfectly safe snack to eat at night, however, this doesn’t refer to popcorn in the microwave bag which is loaded with butter.
But the air popped popcorn you make on your own is okay, and it will keep your waistline say it’s high in protein and fiber, low in fat and calories and free of salt and sugar and since popcorn is mostly fiber in air, it’s also pretty filling seizing your popcorn with garlic salt chili flakes or some herbs and spices if you want to have some extra takes one.
Number. 3 Eggs

Now in a is another amazing snack option. One egg contains only seventy-five calories, but it’s very high in protein and will make you feel full for a long time. In addition, eggs are as good a source of tryptophan as cheese and yogurt this means that after eating an egg you’ll start to feel content and sleepy.
Sorry dozed off there.
Number.2 Veggies

Veggies snacks are the best, they are healthy and low in calories. They contain nutrients, vitamins and a lot of fiber and you can eat as many as you wish. The trick here is that you often use as many calories to digest the veggies as they contain and if some calories are left there’s no chance that they will be stored in fat cells if you’re aware of your annoying tendency to get hungry at night prepare some celery carrot sticks for a mixed vegetable salad in advance.
Number. 1 Banana

Although bananas are quite high in calories they also contain a high amount of potassium and magnesium. Thanks to these elements bananas are unbeatable relaxers this food also contains a lot of fiber which is great for digestion and heart health bananas are also rich in tryptophan as you already know tryptophan helps produce melatonin which will make you sleepy.
Products are real lifesavers when you want to quench your hunger and keep your waistline slim at the same time but there are products you should never let your self indulgent late at night or before going to bed.
Here’s bonus food to avoid.
Fast car if we get into the scientific explanation fast cards are cards with a high G. I. N. G. L. as a result they don’t make you feel full for long but they do make you way more in the morning the list of such products is simply too long to include here generally speaking avoid sweets cakes candies donuts and so on they all go straight to your waistline.
Apple surprise although apples are low in calories and loaded with all sorts of nutrients it’s best to eat one in the morning or early afternoon.
The reason for this is that apples are rich in fiber and pectin which is found in their PO it takes your body a while to digest them and this may disturb your sleep and make you feel uncomfortable.
Alcohol although alcohol can make some people sleeping it also dehydrate your body and makes you feel hungry as a result you may wake up in the middle of the night feeling exceedingly hungry.
Spicy food.
It’s no secret that spicy and salty foods dehydrate you and when you wake up in the wee hours of the night to drink some water you’ll most likely want to eat as well.

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