Press These Points and You’ll Lose Weight within a Month.

Most methods of losing weight demand hard work and dedication. But you can take the easy way out. acupressure is a safe natural and effective method that can not only heal your body but also boosts your metabolism and help shed extra pounds.
In a couple of minutes, you’ll find out which points on your body you should stimulate to slim down. According to traditional Chinese medicine, you can encourage the weight loss process if you let excess moisture and heat leave your body. However don’t take these words literally. Expelling extreme heat, and moisture means that when you stimulate certain points you get rid of energy and balance, and set off your metabolism, in addition, by doing so you support the health of your digestive organs.

The acupressure pointing your philtrum

One of the most important acupressure points is responsible for weight loss is a G. B. 26. Each of these points has its own name, It’s situated on your upper lip right under your nose. You’ll find it in the middle of your philtrum. The small crease on your upper lip, apply pressure to this point twice a day. Don’t press too hard and don’t do this for longer than 5 minutes. This exercise will help you control hunger and curb your appetite.

The acupressure point on your elbow.

This second acupressure point that can help you lose weight is located on your elbow. It’s called L. I. 11. This is an important point connected with your large intestine. You can find this point on the inner side of your elbow grease closer to the outer part of your elbow. When you massage this place you stimulate your intestinal function and remove excess moisture from your body. With the help of your thumb, applying medium pressure to the elbow acupressure point. Press it for one to two minutes every day. This way you’ll achieve the most impressive results. By pressing these two points you stimulate the energy in your body which has a positive influence on the main factors, that cause obesity. You’ll increase your metabolism to lower your stress levels and reduce your appetite. Such a message also has an effect on the part of your brain responsible for feeling hunger.

Traditional Chinese medicine states that you gain weight when you suffer from an imbalance in the body. This imbalance can be triggered by problems with the spleen, liver, thyroid gland, endocrine system, and kidneys. That’s why acupressure targets the points connected with these organs. Besides the two main acupressure points, there are several others that will lead to similar weight loss results.

The acupressure point below your belly button.

This point is located approximately an inch below your belly button. Massage it up and down for one to two minutes twice a day. The best ways to use your index and middle fingers this method will help make your digestion better. It will also improve the situation if you regularly suffer from constipation. Getting rid of this problem will eventually lead to slimming down.

The acupressure point below your ribs.

These points are also called abdominal sorrow points. They are situated slightly below your bottom rips. Draw an imaginary straight line from your earlobes down. There you go, press these points with the index and middle fingers of each hand simultaneously. This will help you if you have indigestion retain all service or appetite and balance if you are massaging these points to lose weight. Press them for about 5 minutes every day.

The acupressure point on your ankle.

You can find this point on the inner side of your leg, a bit higher than your ankle. Use your thumbs to apply pressure here. You should press this point for about one or one and a half minutes. And then slowly release and try to do this exercise every day. You’ll soon notice, that your digestive system has become stronger, and started to function more effectively.

The acupressure point on your knee.

You’ll find in the knee point approximately two inches beneath your knee cap. It is situated slightly off center closer to the outer side of your leg. Try flexing your foot up and down you can be sure you found the correct spot. If you feel some muscles twitching on your finger for losing unwanted weight, press this point for one to two minutes a day with the help of your index finger. By doing this you’ll help your elementary organs function in the right way. You’ll improve digestion support the health of your stomach, and provide your blood with all the necessary nourishment.

The acupressure point on your ear.

To find this particular point, you need to position your thumb right in front of your ear, next to the small triangular shaped pulled a tissue. The thumb is the best choice because it will cover a greater area and stimulate not one, but three acupressure points gathered in that place. You can easily make sure you spot at the right point. Open and shut your mouth several times. You need to feel the movements of your job the pressure you apply to the ear point should be constant, and neither, too strong nor too weak. Keep pressing the point for approximately 3 minutes. This will help you control your hunger, urges and appetite, on top of that it will improve your digestion. Stimulating the ear acupressure points will be effective not only for weight loss but also for reducing the pressure that accumulates around your job.

When you work with your acupressure points make sure, you do it correctly. For example, if you need to press two-point situated on different sides of your body. Try to do this simultaneously. Spend an equal amount of time massaging these points, also apply similarly light or medium pressure to both points.

You should find a level of pressure, that you’re comfortable with, never press too hard. Remember that when you press lately your skin is only slightly depressed. You shouldn’t feel your bone on your finger or be able to measure your pulse. If you apply medium pressure it’s okay, to feel your joints and muscles moving. You might even feel your pulse.

The best environment for stimulating acupressure points is a calm and tranquil place. But this isn’t an obligatory condition. You can practice acupressure at home, at work, when you’re taking a shower, or when you’re lying in bed. Besides having some amazing weight loss benefits, acupressure can make you significantly healthier. It has a calming effect on your mind and muscles and promotes faster healing of physical illnesses and mental disturbances. It tone your facial muscles improves blood circulation and helps to release muscular tension. acupressure make the sure body stronger, which can lead to a person needing to take for your medication.

However, you should remember that acupressure can’t work its magic if you lead an unhealthy lifestyle. Try to combine this Chinese approach with physical activity and a proper diet, include more anti-inflammatory and organic foods in your diet, such as berries nuts and vegetables. Cut down on the amount of pre-packaged and processed foods you consume. Learn or develop your skills of cooking from scratch, and eat more vegetables and fruit. These products along with whole grains should make up 2/3 of your daily meals. They contain a lot of fiber and antioxidants, which fight inflammation. Try to decrease the amount of red meat.

Have you ever experienced the healing effect of massaging acupressure points if so tell us about your results in the comments section below?

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