Put your legs against the wall like this, And see What Happens


The first is to lie on your back and keep your hips straight against the wall and your legs straight up against the wall. Stay in that position for a few minutes.
And then lower the legs. The second case is to straighten the legs as before and then bring them in the shape of a V by creating a distance between them. Do this for just a few minutes and then lower your legs.
Doing so allows the bladder and surrounding muscles to stretch and expand. Third, after spreading the legs in a V shape, bend them to bring the legs closer together, so that the soles of both feet come face to face. This is the most motivating way for the above-mentioned muscles.
Now if you talk about the benefits, this exercise is very useful. It is even more useful if you do it at the end of the day. It improves blood circulation and if there is inflammation, stretch and swelling in the legs, it also improves. If you sit and work all day, then you must do this exercise. It relaxes the shins and is especially beneficial for back pain.
This exercise also provides the body with general rest and relaxation which leads to better sleep. It calms the mind and improves digestion. This exercise also relieves headaches, especially patients with severe headaches such as migraines that should do this exercise. In addition, this exercise is also useful in conditions such as mental distress and depression. Of course, this exercise will be beneficial for you.

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