Should You Eat Eggs for Faster Weight Loss?

Several studies have shown that eating eggs for breakfast (compared to a bagel-based breakfast with an identical calorie count) could help people reduce. In one study, the group who ate eggs for his or her morning meal ended up eating fewer calories during the following 36 hours than the bagel-eating group. And in another study, those that ate eggs within the morning lost twice the maximum amount of weight than bagel eaters.

Another purported reason why eggs are often weight loss tools has got to do with their high protein count. Research has shown that protein may prevent blood-sugar spikes, and fewer blood-sugar spikes equal to fewer food cravings.

It’s not surprising that studies show a relationship between morning egg eating and lower overall caloric intake. Protein is filling and it energizes you for an extended time. So eating protein early will help debar mid-morning cravings and keep you satisfied until lunchtime.

That said, it is vital to notice that these studies compared weight loss between groups that ate meals with similar calorie counts. And calories still count when it involves weight loss. So this is often not an excuse to down a four-egg cheese omelet every morning.

It’s also important to notice that a majority of filling protein is found in egg whites. While an entire large egg has around 72 calories and 5g fat, each albumen has about 17 calories and no fat.

How to Add More Eggs to Your Meals
So, stick with satisfying eggs in the morning rather than bagels and pastries that are high in carbs and calories and not that filling. But concentrate on calories and consider lightening up those egg breakfasts by going half whole eggs and half egg whites.

Eggs also are an excellent addition to lunch and dinner and therefore the hard-boiled variety is one among the world’s most underrated snacks. Here’s some inspiration on how to incorporate them into your diet:

In a mug. Love a morning egg scramble, but do not feel like breaking out (and cleaning up) a skillet and spatula? Make an egg mug.
As a hard-boiled snack. Hard boil a couple of eggs, chill them, halve them, and scoop out the yolks. Fill them with hummus, salsa, or maybe tuna for a mega-protein fix.
In salads. Try some chopped hard-boiled whites in deli-style salads or a sliced whole egg over leafy greens.
In sandwiches. Have a delicious egg salad sandwich. Just go light on the mayo and yolks and stick with light bread.
In a morning wrap. Wrap a high-fiber tortilla around an egg scramble and you have yourself a breakfast burrito. Look for tortillas with less than 150 calories.
In your oatmeal. Slowly stir liquid egg whites into simmering oatmeal to extend the portion size and therefore the protein count.

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