• LifeStyle

    What Your Nails Say About Your Health?

    Today nails are mostly regarded as a purely aesthetic feature of our bodies. In fact, it is estimated that the global nail Polish market will reach up to fifteen point five five billion dollars by two thousand twenty-four. However, it turns out that your nails may not just be a platform for contemporary design, but also a mirror of your general health status. How can the color, texture, and other features of your nails reflect your internal health problems? The Color of your Nails. In most cases, yellow nails indicate a fungal infection, if not treated in time this condition can worsen. And your nails can even acquire a greenish…

  • Fitness

    How to tighten up loose stomach skin after having a baby?

    9 months of pregnancy are finally for him. Do you love your new baby? But despite the adorable cuteness of that bundle of joy, one of the things that can bomb a new mom out, is the site of a saggy, sorry, pouch, where the baby bump used to be. Now, this is one area that has been through a lot over the past few months. And it looks like it. If your tummy area needs some extra help bouncing back postpartum. Here’s how to tighten loose skin after having a baby. We have 5 great tips for you. Watch each step to see which one best fits into your…

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