The Benefits of Squeezing Lemons in Tea.

Everyday problems and awkward lifestyle may or may not give you a headache, and we are usually to blame. Waking up late at night, not eating on time, being anxious, and many other things like this cause our headaches.
Headache is not a permanent illness but in most cases, it indicates an internal disorder
From which the senior doctor detects the real disease. If the body is considered a military camp, then the headache is like a guard and announces a dangerous disease to come and a specialist doctor is engaged in treating the real problem to protect the health. This pain is felt in the torso but after diagnosis, it is found that the source of the real pain is another part of the body. * Concerns cause headaches due to increased tension in the muscles of the face and forehead.
Eye weakness, eye diseases, ear, nose, throat, and dental diseases cause headaches. * Excessive emotional, mental and physical fatigue, anger, anxiety, eye fatigue, carelessness in diet, and bad Digestion causes migraine (migraine headaches). * Blood clots in the arteries of the brain cause headaches. * Some pains are temporary, caused by sleep deprivation or living in a place where there is no fresh air. * Sometimes eating a certain type of food causes a certain type of discomfort. * Headaches also start due to digestive disorders. Generally, people with different types of headaches. Apply balm and cream, which gives only temporary relief.
And its scent makes the brain feel numb and it is thought that the pain is gone. Such creams and balms affect brain cells. The use of any medicine for headaches is beneficial for a few days, but after that, the effect of this medicine gradually begins to disappear. Therefore, it is very important to find the cause or solution behind any pain, especially headaches. It is very important to work hard, worry, stay up at night, and avoid fatty foods.
Sleep relieves all types of headaches. Therefore, in the case of headache, one should try to relax by applying perfume or perfume of one’s choice in a quiet corner. Massaging the soles of the feet with oil while sleeping at night cures the sudden headache. If people suffer from chronic headaches, they should chew fennel at any time of the day.
If you have a headache, it is beneficial to squeeze lemons in tea and drink it. If the headache is due to heat, squeeze the watermelon pulp in a muslin cloth and store it in a glass. Take it before breakfast.

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