Vegetables and drinks that are amazingly cool to the body


Dehydration in the heat is a common disease that, if left unchecked, can kill the patient. In this video, we are including ten foods that can be used to protect the body from dehydration. Reduces the temperature and protects from heat.

No. 1 Watermelon

Watermelon is a summer fruit and Allah has created it to protect it from heat. Watermelon contains 91.45% water which helps in meeting the body’s water needs. Watermelon Instantly cools your body’s heat and generates energy.
No. 2 cucumber
Cucumber is 96% water and is rich in fiber and eating cucumber in summer protects the body from dehydration. Cucumber consumption keeps the body cool and fresh.
No. 3 Yogurt
Not only is yogurt delicious but it also plays a very active role in dissipating body heat. Yogurt buttermilk cools the body instantly and restores lost energy.
No. 4 Coconut water
Coconut water is one of the best summer drinks that eliminates body heat and lowers body temperature.

No. 5 Mint.
Peppermint is a very useful herb which is very useful in summer. In case of heat, shake the mint in a soda and drink it. It will cool your body immediately and restore the falling energy.

No. 6 green leafy vegetables.
While the use of green leafy vegetables is very beneficial for health, their excessive consumption in summer is very helpful in keeping the body cool.
No. 7 Onion
Onion is a miraculous vegetable and raw onion in summer protects the body from dehydration and reduces the intensity of heat.

No. 8 melon.
Melon heals in summer. This water is full of water and removes heat. Melon seeds are also very useful for health.
No. 9 lemon water
In the heat of June-July, the use of lemon water is common in Pakistan and you will find it rolling in the bazaars everywhere. People drink it to reduce the intensity of heat and this drink reduces the intensity of thirst where the body. Also removes heat from.

No. 10 Prunes.
Prunes are a very delicious summer fruit which contains a large amount of water. It cures stomach ailments and also plays a very important role in lowering the body temperature.

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